The company was founded in 1984. Since then, we have been supplying customers in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors with innovative, “smart” products.

All instruments are real innovations. Our goal is to serve the market with innovative products. The focus of our activities is on the development and technical realization of new ideas.

In addition to simple patient self-monitoring instruments, we also offer equipment for clinical and medical practice. We are in constant dialogue with knowledge providers at universities and medical colleges.

All series products of TIP THERM® GmbH are at least 5 years on the market and are technically mature. The complaint rate is less than 0.01%.
A special clientele for whom we are always active is the pharmaceutical industry. Instruments developed by TIP THERM® GmbH are used as “give aways” and / or used in field studies.


  • General practitioners and internists
  • Pharmacies
  • Doctors in social and occupational medicine
  • Dermatologists
  • Clinical practice with focus on diabetic
  • Diabetological self-help groups
  • End users at clinics and general practitioners
  • Specialist dealers for medical technology
  • Neurologists
  • Orthopaedists and sportsmedics
  • Pharmaceutical industry worldwide
  • Provider for practitioners and clinics
  • Mail order companies for diabetic needs

The focus of current business activity is on the diagnosis of polyneuropathy (PNP). They can have different causes. It is generally assumed that two-thirds of all polyneuropathies are caused by diabetes or alcohol abuse.

The other third is caused by toxic substances such as arsenic, bismuth, lead or carbon monoxide.

PNP is a widespread disease – as mentioned above. mostly as a result of diabetes mellitus. Between 3 and 6% of the German population are currently affected by it – and the trend is rising.
In Germany there are about 8 million people with diabetes. The age pyramid is partly responsible for this disorder of metabolism and its increasing number of cases. The increasing malnutrition also contributes to this.

The mortality rate due to diabetes and its sequelae is about 2% in Germany.

We work closely with freelancers and external consultants to develop new products.
The production of the instruments is outsourced. Quality control and management takes place at the company headquarters.

During the design and development of sophisticated instruments – e.g. the “Neuroscreen” device line – cooperation with external experts and multipliers is indispensable. This is necessary with regard to intended examination procedures as well as to the evaluation of the diagnostic value of a new tool.

This is another reason why we cooperate with the DFI, the University Hospital Düsseldorf and other renowned institutes.