1. The patient stands naked and barefoot with straightened legs and parallel feet, no more than a hand apart, on an even floor.
  2. Attach NIVELLO to the dorsal or ventral side of the iliac crest with the two swivel arms.
  3. Keep NIVELLO in this position by exerting the same pressure on both sides (you can also let the patient do this).
  4. Even out the arm of the scale.
  5. In case of pelvic obliquity the leg length discrepancy will be visible as an intersection between the arm of the scale and the chart division.
    The exact difference in leg length can be determined directly from the chart. (The chart is gradated in 5 mm levels).  This specification serves as the basis for decision regarding the necessary shoe customisation.

    Technical structure is subject to modifications and alterations.

Here we show you two demonstration videos of the process above: