Literature for Neurodisc

1835 E.H.Weber published his first data on two point threshold for different body parts in “Muller´s Archive”. Since then the “two point threshold” also knowns as “two point discrimination” belongs to one of many standard neurological examinations. Every student has to execute once this examination in the course of his education.

In 1968 Weinstein published his findings on this old data as a follow up of questioning these. He could easily verify the data of Weber from the 19th century.

  • WEINSTEIN, S.Intensive and extensive aspects of tactile sensitivity as a function of body part, sex, and laterality. Found in D.R. Kenshalo (Ed.), The skin senses. Springfield, Ill.: Thomas, 1968.This paper is regarded as the most authorative on this subject.On request wie can send you a summary of this paper.

It can be stated that the measurement of the two point threshold as a means of examining the ability to discriminate the distance between two adjacent points on the skin, is a widley and easily used standard neurological examination.