Do you suffer from back pain? Always consider the possibility of a pelvic obliquity.

Chronic back pain may have a simple case: Pelvic obliquity as a result of a length discrepancy.

The resulting static disorder of the spine can be compensated for a while, but a moderate leg length discrepancy can be compensated reflex responses, resulting in a corrective shift of the center of gravity in the hip. However, the crooked pelvis leads to modified pelvic motion dynamics:

Non – physiological traction and extension stimuli and the incongruity between articulated vertebrae result in the formation of bone anomalies and the degeneration of intervertebral discs. The longer leg will elicit coxalgia, while the shorter leg will elicit pain in the knee joint. The malposition will gradually become contract and may even result in chronic headaches or a pain syndrome.

With this information in mind it is crucial that all patients with chronic back pain are systematically checked for pelvic obliquity.

For this purpose NIVELLO was developed.

Side determination an the degree of leg length discrepancy can be identified in a single examination.

A length discrepancy of more than 1 cm ought to be compensated partially or completely with shoe customisation in order to adjust a pelvic obliquity.

The instrument is made of white plastic. The surface is good accessible and easy to clean.


If you want to order Nivello for diagnostics in single or larger quantities you can easily do this through our special